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Estate Planning

Estate planning aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries while maintaining flexibility for the client. A deep knowledge of Federal and state tax law is essential when drafting a plan that will survive the rigors of time and successfully provide for the future.

Federal Taxation

Federal Tax law is extraordinarily complex and improper planning and reporting can result in significant, and often unnecessary, costs.


Probate describes the process that oversees the transfer of assets from an estate or will. The process is often lengthy and can be costly depending on the complexity of the transfer.

Estate and Gift Taxation

The Federal Estate Tax in conjunction with the Federal Gift tax is oriented to prevent large estates from being shielded from taxation by lifetime giving. Additionally, many states have their own estate tax laws. Retaining an attorney that has extensive experience with the inner workings of these laws is of paramount importance for clients that want to avoid costly mistakes in this arena.

Real Estate

Real Estate can be a significant component of an individual's total asset base and it is governed by federal statutes, state statutory and common law. Due to the often large financial value of real estate and related transactions, expert legal guidance and planning are crucial.


Choosing the appropriate form of business entity impacts a variety of areas, including taxation, ease of operation and liability protection.

Business Law

In today’s world, business operations are subject to far reaching and continually changing laws and regulations. An understanding of the interrelationship of these various areas of the law is crucial to successful business planning.

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